More details are being released regarding an incident of child solicitation involving a 10-year-old girl.

A 44-year-old Pekin man is behind bars awaiting his first hearing after being arrested for texting with a 10-year old girl who was a friend of his daughter.

He will come before Circuit Court Judge Larry Medlock Thursday morning at 8:30a.


William R. Knight, Pekin, told police that he just wanted the girl to feel special.

“That’s the reason he talked to her the way he did,” noted the police affidavit.

Indiana State Police and Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies obtained a search warrant from Judge Medlock to search Knight’s home Tuesday at 90 Eastern Park Blvd, Lot 22, Pekin.

Police were looking for a computer or phone in connection with the child solicitation case they were working on.

Knight was at his parents’ house on Blue River Road and police located him there and Knight agreed to speak with police.

Knight told police he knew that he was involved with the case and knew who they were questioning him about and admitted talking online through Facebook chat with the 10-year-old.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Knight admitted to asking the girl inappropriate questions, including “have you ever been with a man,” “do you know how to kiss” and “can I rub your body.”

According to police, Knight asked the girl multiple times if she liked to cuddle.

Knight also told the girl, according to police, that he loved her and asked on multiple occasions, if she loved him.

Knight also asked the girl to sneak out and meet him. He also asked the girl twice to delete the messages.

In one message, Knight allegedly asked the girl if she wanted to do more than cuddle.

The girl’s mother got involved and began responding to the messages of Knight, who acknowledged to police that he knew the mother was texting him.

Knight told police he was upset the mother got involved and felt she was trying to set him up with police.

Knight is detained in the Washington County Detention Center and will be held on $10,000 Full Cash Bond, $4,000 cash plus $10,000 surety bond and $4,000 cash plus $20,000 property.

Knight was charged with one count of Child Solicitation, a Level 5 Felony.

A protective order was also issued against Knight contacting the girl again.