Being a teenager today is much more complicated than it was 20 years ago.

Indiana State Police’s very own Sgt. Chris Cecil has recently been featured on the Be A Kids Hero blog site, operated by Ginger Kadlec, of Zionsville, Indiana.

Sgt. Chris Cecil

Sgt. Cecil is a 12 year veteran of the Indiana State Police assigned to Special Investigations – Cyber Crimes.  He has been featured on the Be A Kids Hero blog and podcast providing helpful information for parents on how to protect their children from being victimized by Internet criminals.  Now, to help get this information to a wider audience and educate even more parents, the Indiana State Police is sharing this information about the Be A Kids Hero blog site.

Prior to the advent of the Internet and digital cameras, a compromising or thoughtless provocative photograph could only be viewed by person to person sharing.

Now, sadly, for all the good things the Internet can be used for there are tens of thousands of people who use the Internet to perpetrate crimes of all descriptions.

But one of the most insidious criminal uses of the Internet is victimizing children with the posting of graphic photos depicting sexual acts that violate a child’s innocence.

The Indiana State Police works diligently to identify peddlers of child pornography and works with prosecutors in every Indiana County to identify and hold accountable these vile criminals.

But equally as important as prosecuting child sex crime perpetrators is educating the public about these crimes and how to prevent them in the first place.  To do this, the

The below information was prepared by Ginger Kadlec and has been included with this state police news release to promote child safety through education of parents and their teenage children.


BeAKidsHero™ is an initiative to educate parents, teachers and other caring adults around the globe about protecting the children in their lives from abuse and neglect. Founded by Child Advocate and Child Forensic Interviewer Ginger Kadlec, the BeAKidsHero website ( spotlights child protection best practices and tips, as well as features a host of resources and information about issues related to child abuse awareness, prevention and intervention ranging from child sexual abuse facts and prevention to cyberbullying, sextortion and Internet safety. Ginger also interviews child protection professionals and advocates on her weekly podcast which is available at and on iTunes.

Parents are invited to participate in a free three-part video training series about protecting kids of all ages from sexual abuse. To enroll, visit Parents may also opt to enroll in advanced sexual abuse prevention courses that cover preventative best-practices for both young children (infants through age 10) and tweens and teens (ages 11+). For more information about this training and its pricing options, contact [email protected].

Chris is simply fabulous and has been a tremendous expert for the BeAKidsHero site. Here is where he’s been featured — all of this information is readily available to the public.

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On behalf of the Indiana State Police, we hope you have found this information insightful and helpful to educate you and your loved ones about the perils of Internet sex crimes against children