Sheriff Dan McClain announces that there are several new faces within the Sheriff’s Department and explains that he will be introducing them in the upcoming weeks on the department’s website and through press releases.


Sheriff McClain would like the citizens of Scott County to join him in welcoming Deputy Josh Watterson to the Department.

Watterson was hired under the COPS grant that was recently awarded to the Sheriff’s Department by the US Department of Justice.

Watterson brings experience in public service to the department; he is a United States Marine Corps Veteran where he served as a Firefighter and Drill Instructor.

“Josh is currently a volunteer firefighter with Clifty 6 in Madison, Indiana and prior to joining the Department, Josh was a Corrections Officer in Jefferson County Indiana,” said McClain.

After being hired, Wattersonimmediately began his law enforcement training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy where he graduated from Basic Class 16-208 in June, 2016.