Sheriff Roger Newlon has reported to WSLM that two Washington County youth who had reported being kidnapped yesterday were making up the story.

“Boys will be boys,” said Newlon. “The boys – 8 and 10 – got away from the house and went exploring and ended up in a place they probably shouldn’t have been and lost track of time.”

The boys mother and father had been looking for them for quite awhile when they emerged from the woods with the story of being abducted.

“I spent quite a bit of time out there this morning,” said Newlon. “I talked to the boys and they finally came clean just a while ago. When they were faced with getting in trouble because they had been gone away from home for too long, they made up the story.”

The boys reported that a male in a red, white and blue pickup abducted them and took them to an abandoned house.

Officers had been working to verify and investigate the case since yesterday, according to Newlon.

“Deputy Joe Keltner was investigating the case and saw a lot of red flags with the story,”said Newlon. “We’ve spent a lot of hours checking this out, but I’m glad it ended without incident.”

As the story goes on social media, the two boys were abducted and were later found by the parents near an abandoned house close by their home.

The boys provided a description of a male of medium build, about 5’7″ tall with brown eyes and facial hair. According to the boys, the man allegedly was wearing a mask, dark clothing and cowboy boots.