Thousands of students will soon be heading back to school and Indiana State Police want to remind all motorists the importance of slowing down and keeping a watchful eye for students.


Troopers also want to remind drivers they are required by law to stop and not pass a school bus when the red lights are flashing and the flashing stop arm is extended. Drivers are not required by law to stop for a school bus when they are approaching from the opposite direction and there is a concrete barrier or grassy median dividing the lanes. Drivers traveling on a multiple lane highway with no concrete barrier or grassy media are required to stop in all directions when a school bus stops to load or unload children.

Indiana State Police encourage the following safety tips:

  • Slow down in all school zones.
  • Follow other vehicles at a safe distance.
  • Don’t be a distracted driver. Stay off your cell phone.
  • Expect brief delays around school areas.
  • Keep a watchful eye for students that are walking to and from school.
  • When approaching a school bus always be prepared to stop.

Disregarding a school bus stop arm is a serious violation and one that school bus drivers are quick to report.Indiana State Police Encourage Motorists To Slow Down In School Zones