The National Weather Service said seven tornadoes were spawned Monday night in Indiana, including one that was rated EF2, following damage surveys earlier today.


One confirmed tornado was in progress for a prolonged period of time as it moved across central Indiana, damaging trees, crops and some structures along the way. According to local storm reports, considerable debris was reported near the town of Brownsburg, just west of Indianapolis. That tornado was given a preliminary EF1 rating by the NWS.

Joe Gleissner, who lives in Brownsburg, said he had only been home about five minutes before the twister roared through his neighborhood. His home suffered minimal damage, but he told the Indianapolis Star that the sound from the tornado was deafening.

“They say it sounds like a train,” he said. “I think it was worse.”

In addition to the fields of crops that were damaged, many large trees were downed in the Brownsburg area, National Weather Service storm reports also said.

According to the Brownsburg Fire Department, an unknown number of homes were damaged by the tornado, but there were no injuries.

The NWS announced that one of the seven tornadoes was rated EF2, while three twisters were rated EF1 and EF0 each. The findings are expected to be finalized on Wednesday.