Local law enforcement would like to remind high school and college students about – Indiana’s Lifeline Law.

The Lifeline law provides immunity for the crimes of public intoxication, minor possession, minor consumption and minor transport to persons who reveal themselves to law enforcement while seeking medical assistance for a person suffering from an alcohol-related health emergency.lifeline_L

This year, legislators extended the law to other medical emergencies, such as when someone falls or has a concussion.

It would also protect victims of a sexual assault or those who witness and report a crime from being charged with underage drinking.

In order to receive immunity, the person must demonstrate that they are acting in good faith by completing ALL of the following:

  • Providing their full name and any other relevant information requested by law enforcement officer
  • Remaining on the scene until law enforcement and emergency medical assistance arrives
  • Cooperate with authorities on the scene

The law will not interfere with law enforcement procedures or limit the ability to prosecute for other criminal offenses such as providing to a minor, operating while intoxicated or possession of a controlled substance.

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