Settler’s Crossing, the name for the Cedarwood Development that will house Indiana’s largest Wal-Mart Super Center, will soon become the newest retail center of Washington County when it opens this fall.

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The Wal-Mart Super Center in nearing completion for an October opening.

Two sets of stoplights have been installed and were turned on in the past week.

The Murphy Oil fuel station along SR 56 west will have 8 gas pumps and a small convenience store front.

A Taco Bell that just had its ground-breaking ceremony a week ago is already under construction with most of its outside walls framed up.

Land is being cleared for a new Burger King restaurant and another lot is occupied for a future car wash.

A pediatrician’s office is being constructed at the corner of State Road 56 and Jim Day Road and Day Farms just sold property on the opposite corner.

A third lot — about 1.2 acres — is unoccupied as of now between Taco Bell and the fuel station.

A strip mall is planned for the location as well as a 10,000 square foot retail space.

According to Cedarwood Developments, the mall will have 9 outlets, ranging in size from 4000 square feet down to 1200 square feet. However, it will not be constructed until all of the lease agreements are completed.

One of the outlets will be 2,400 square feet with three lots of 1600 square feet available and four spots with 1200 square feet.

Tumbleweed Restaurant has purchased property in the area but has not begun construction on their new building.

Other developments are also in the works.