A Marysville man is accused of shooting two of his family members in the head during a fight.

Gary Cooper, 63, was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder, criminal recklessness, aggravated battery, and pointing a firearm.


The Clark County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect, Gary Cooper, 63, and two victims, Tom Cooper and Tim Wolfe were found Saturday in the 17000 block of Michigan Road in Marysville.

According to police, the situation began with an argument between Gary Cooper and his brother, Tom Cooper at their mother’s home in Marysville.

After Gary Cooper left the home, police say Tom Cooper got into a truck and caught up with his brother on Michigan Road.

During a fight between the two, police say Gary Cooper shot his brother in the head with a Ruger .380 pistol.

Tom Cooper went back to his mother’s home and Gary Cooper followed.

As the mother of the suspect and the victim let Tom Cooper into the home, Gary Cooper is then accused of shooting his nephew, Tim Wolfe in the head while in the home’s driveway.

Wolfe went to a nearby vehicle and retrieved a .45 caliber pistol and fired three shots into the air.

Police say Gary Cooper then shot Wolfe in the stomach.

Tom Cooper and Tim Wolfe were both flown to University Hospital in Louisville.

Tom Cooper’s injuries are considered “life-threatening,” while Wolfe’s injuries were labeled “serious.”

Gary Cooper was arrested and in the Clark County Jail.