It was a busy night and early morning for the Salem Fire Department, who responded to three fire calls in less than 12 hours, including the blaze that claimed a 100 year old church Northwest of Salem.


The first call came in about 8:30p with the report of smoke and a fire alarm at a residence at the corner of Small and Water Streets.

According to Salem Fire Chief Tom Day, the owners of the house were not home and the firefighters had to wait for a key to the home before they could inspect it.

Day said the home checked out safe.

At 2:57a, the department was called to 527 Pilgrim Way for a garage fire.

Then at 3:21a, the department was toned out for a fire at the Highland Friends Church.

The church was a total loss and firefighters are still on the scene this morning as the building continues to smolder.

Salem Fire Department outside the residence on Water Street.