Less than 48 hours after a threat was made against the Salem Middle School and its students and staff, Salem Police Department has identified a Person of Interest.

Police have declined to identify the person, who they said currently lives in another law enforcement jurisdiction.


“We have made contact with the proper law enforcement agency,” said Assistant Salem Police Chief Tim Miller. “They have been briefed on the incident and are currently addressing it.”

The Salem Police Department conducted numerous interviews today.

Miller said, “The results of these interviews has given us a person of interest. At this point, we are at the mercy of the other agency, and are waiting to hear back from them after they conduct an interview.”

Miller said the other agency did advise the Salem Police Department that they have, recently, been having similar “clown threats”.

A school threat was made lasts night against Silver Creek Middle School and a teen was arrested this morning in connection with that.

However, Sellerburg Police Chief Russ Whelan told WSLM earlier this afternoon that he believes his is an isolated case and had nothing to do with Clowns. (See related story at

Additional threats were made against two schools in Louisville and schools in Jeffersonville this week.

While waiting to hear from the other agency, the Salem Police Department will continue to investigate any leads that we may find.