On September 28th and 29th, 2016, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) Troopers and Inspectors from the Indiana State Police, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Transportation participated in a Tri-state special patrol focusing on the transportation of hazardous materials via commercial vehicles in southern Indiana, Illinois, and central Missouri.user29396-1475784794-media2

The special patrol project concentrated on I-64 in all three states, I-57 in Missouri and Illinois, and I-24 in Illinois.  Approximately 150 CVE Troopers and Inspectors took part in the two day event.

During the 48 hour event, 1,571 commercial vehicles were inspected yielding 1,341 violations.  As a result of some of the inspections, 111 vehicles and 40 drivers were placed out of service.

“Each day thousands of hazardous material shipments move safely across the United States in commercial vehicles. Full time hazardous material carriers are some of the safest and most professional trucking companies in the industry. However, a single crash involving the release of a hazardous material can be devastating.  Therefore, it is important that enforcement details such as this take place to ensure compliance with the Federal Hazardous Material Regulations. Through compliance checks and   enforcement we can identify and educate carriers falling short of expectations and reduce the risk of an incident,” stated Indiana State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Assistant Commander, Captain Jon Smithers. “It’s an honor to work with our CVE partners in Illinois and Missouri and rewarding to know Indiana has such great partners in the effort to make our roadways safer.”

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