GENERAL Election NOVEMBER 8, 2016



*New ballot instructions are given at the top of the ballot, per 2016 Indiana Legislative Session, concerning voting for the, At Large offices in all races pertaining to at large candidates. (County Council, Town Council, and City Council Members).

*This will mean:  If a voter marks ‘straight ticket’ for whichever party, the voter MUST now go to the AT LARGE offices and cast their vote for the candidate(s). 

For example: the office of County Council Member At Large will not automatically receive a vote for a candidate(s) if the voter marked “Straight Party”.  For the At Large candidates to receive a vote, the voter must also cast a vote by coloring the box beside the candidates name on the ballot.  This holds true for the Town Board Member candidates and School Board Member candidates.



Declared Write-In Candidates certified by the Indiana Election Division

The Candidate’s name will not appear on the General Election Ballot; but if the “Declared” Write-In candidate’s name is “written on ballot” a vote will be cast for that candidate.


*NEW I.C. 3-11-2-10 now requires that local public questions be placed on the ballot before any offices, including President & Vice President of the United States are listed.                     (2012)



Shall the Constitution of the State of Indiana be amended by adding a Section 39 to Article 1 to provide that the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife shall be forever preserved for the public good, subject only to the laws prescribed by the General Assembly and rules prescribed by virtue of the authority of the General Assembly to:

  • Promote wildlife conservation and management; and
  • Preserve the future of hunting and fishing?



Republican Party

Democratic Party

Libertarian Party




President and Vice President of the United States             Vote for one (1) only

(R) Donald J. Trump

Michael R. Pence

(D) Hillary Clinton

Tim Kaine

(L) Gary Johnson

Bill Weld


United States Senator

(R) Todd Young

(D) Evan Bayh

(L) Lucy Brenton


Governor and Lt. Governor

(R) Eric Holcomb / Suzanne Crouch

(D) John R. Gregg / Christina Hale

(L) Rex Bell / Karl (K-Tat) Tatgenhorst


Attorney General  Vote for one (1) only

(R) Curtis T. Hill Jr.

(D) Lorenzo Arredondo


Superintendent of Public Instruction  Vote for one (1) only

(R) Jennifer McCormick

(D) Glenda Ritz


United States Representative 9th Dist.

(R) Trey Hollingsworth

(D) Shelli Yoder

(L) Russell Brooksbank


State Representative Dist. 73

(R) Steven Davisson

(D) Douglas Leatherbury

Judge of the Circuit Court

(R) Larry W. Medlock

(D) No candidate filed.

Judge of the Superior Court

(R) Frank Newkirk, Jr.

(D) No candidate filed.


Clerk of the Circuit Court

(R) Sarah Milligan                               9700 S. Becks Mill Rd. Fredericksburg IN 47120

(D) Rita Martin                                    P.O. Box 463 Salem IN 47167


County Treasurer

(R) No candidate filed.

(D) Shirley Batt                                   6225 W. State Rd. 56 Salem IN 47167


County Coroner

(R) Russell (Rusty) Fultz                      127 Eastern Hills Blvd./P.O. Box 101 Salem IN 47167

(D) Scott Schocke                                3968 S. Goss School Rd. Pekin IN 47165


County Surveyor

(R) Jeffrey D. Souder                           4862 S. State Rd. 60 Pekin IN 47165

(D) No candidate filed.


County Commissioner – Dist. 1

[Candidate must reside in one of these precincts: Gibson-Franklin-Polk-Jackson]

(R) Phillip D. (Phil) Marshall               2355 E. Martinsburg Fire Rd. Palmyra IN 47164

(D) Charles W. Hamilton                    8105 S. Voyles Rd. Pekin IN 47165

(L) David Norton                                           5434 N. State Rd. 39 Scottsburg IN 47170

County Commissioner – Dist. 3

[Candidate must reside in one of these precincts: Brown-Vernon-Madison-Howard-Posey]

(R) Rick Roberts                                  8425 N. Spangler Hill Rd. Campbellsburg IN 47108

(D) Joseph (Joe) P. Keith Sr.                         7846 W. Rosebud Rd. Salem IN 47167

(L) Rhonda Greene                              10130 W. Suder Lane Campbellsburg IN 47108


County Council Member – At Large      (Vote for 3)

          (R) Rondale Brishaber                        103 N. Valley View Dr. Salem IN 47167

(R) Todd M. Ewen                               2660 E. Quaker Ln. Salem IN 47167

(R) Gerald Fleming Sr.                         225 E. Karnes Ct. Pekin IN 47165

(D) Troy S. Hubbard                           1673 E. Rudder Rd. Salem IN 47167

(D) Treavor W. Phipps                        105 Hillcrest Dr. Salem IN 47167

(D) Jonathan R. Spaulding                  714 N. Main St. Salem IN 47167

Town of Campbellsburg:

– Town Council Member (Vote for 2)

David L. Brown                                               723 N. West St. Campbellsburg IN 47108

Donnie Williams                                             117 N. Hickory St. Campbellsburg IN 47108


Town of New Pekin:

– Town Council Member (Vote for 2)

Shannon Anderson                                         642 N. Susan Way Pekin IN 47165

Michael E. Bowling                                         435 S. State Rd. 335 Pekin IN 47165

George Browning                                           628 E. Kristie Ave. Pekin IN 47165

Darlene Anderson Hall                                   290 E. Main St. / P.O. Box 204 Pekin IN 47165





School Board Member:


East Washington School Corp.(Vote for one (1) in each twp./town)

  • Polk Twp. – Thomas K. Coats 4996 S. Fire Lane Rd. Pekin IN 47165
  • Polk Twp. – Ray Ramsey 7975 E. Hurst Rd. Pekin IN 47165
  • Town of Pekin – Jeff Clem Jr. 728 S. Gobbler Knob Rd. Pekin IN 47165


Salem Community Schools (Vote for four (4) at large candidates)

  • Mark E. “Bubba” Abbott 2347 S. James St. Salem IN 47167
  • Rodney S. Brough 800 N. Cave Spring Rd. Salem IN 47167
  • Erika Garloch             2497 N. New Hope Rd. Salem IN 47167
  • Ron Haendiges 105 Lacey Ct. Salem IN 47167
  • Steven R. Motsinger             1275 Patience Lane Salem IN 47167
  • Jason K. Pepmeier 2997 E. Magnolia Ct. Salem IN 47167
  • Aaron “Spud” Schocke 6214 N. State Rd. 135 Salem IN 47167
  • Lacy Tucker 1853 N. New Hope Rd. Salem IN 47167


West Washington School Corp. – (Vote for one (1) in each township)

  • Madison Twp. – Aaron P. Dennis 180 E. Main St. Campbellsburg IN 47108
  • Posey Twp. – Anthony A. Cardwell Jr.      9502 S. Cedar Ln. Hardinsburg IN 47125
  • Vernon Twp. – Salvatore (Sal) Sama 2001 S. West Washington Sch. Rd. Salem IN 47167


Retention Public Questions:

Candidates for Indiana Court of Appeals First District

Shall Judge Edward W. Najam, Jr. be retained in Office?    Yes   or   No

Candidates for Indiana Court of Appeals Fourth District

Shall Judge Patricia A. Riley be retained in Office?              Yes   or   No




Declared Write-In Candidates certified by the Indiana Election Division

The Candidate’s name will not appear on the General Election Ballot; but if the “Declared” Write-In candidate’s name is “written on ballot” a vote will be cast for that candidate.


President of the United States  Write-In:      

  • Darrell L. Castle (Independent)
  • Ray C. Brown (Independent)
  • “Rocky” Roque De La Fuenta (Independent)
  • Richard Duncan (Independent)
  • Cherunda Fox (Independent)
  • Tom Hoefling (Independent)
  • Denny C. Jackson (Independent)
  • Melissa L. Kelly (Independent)
  • Laurence Kotlikoff (Independent)
  • Joseph Maldonado (Independent)
  • Monica Moorehead (Workers)
  • Ric Mullis (Independent)
  • Matthew (None of the Above) Robert (Independent)
  • Emidio Sohysik (Socialist)
  • Jill Stein (Green)

Vice President of the United States     Write-In:      

  • Scott N. Bradley (Constitution)
  • Angela Nicole Walker (Socialist)

United States Senator         Write-In:

  • James L. Johnson (Write-in)

Governor and Lt. Governor          Write-In:

  • Adam Adkins (Independent)
  • Christopher Stried (Independent)



Signatures must be filed with the Circuit Court Clerk by noon on June 30, 2016

  • JUNE 30, 2016, Noon: Independent candidates, Libertarian candidates, and Write-In candidates have filing deadlines later in June 30, 2016.  These candidates will be on the General Election ballot.
  • JUNE 30, 2016, Noon: Town Offices (Campbellsburg and New Pekin) Town Board Member.

Signatures must be filed with the Circuit Court Clerk by noon on August 26, 2016

  • Between JULY 27 and AUGUST 26, Noon: Candidates for local School Boards.
  • Forms may be obtained at the Clerk’s Office.


CERTIFIED LIST OF Federal and State Candidates due from Secretary of State’s Office. Friday, August 26, 2016:

DEADLINE, by noon, for the secretary of state to certify, or deny the certification of, each petition of nomination filed in the secretary of state’s office to the appropriate county. (IC 3-8-6-12(e))

DEADLINE, by noon, for the Indiana election division to certify to each county election

board and the Lake County board of elections and registration: (1) the name of each individual who filed a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate with the Indiana election division; and (2) any political party that the individual is affiliated with, or whether the individual is an independent candidate. (IC 3-8-7-30)

DEADLINE, by noon, for the Indiana election division to provide each county election

board with a camera-ready copy of the device under which the candidates of the political party or the petitioner are to be listed so that ballots may be prepared using the best possible reproduction of the device. (IC 3-8-7-11(d))