A weekend traffic stop for a violation resulted in two men being jailed on several drug charges.

Derek T. Renfrow, 26, New Albany, IN
Shane L. Elder, 19, New Albany IN

On Saturday morning, Master Trooper Brian LaRoche pulled over a vehicle for speeding on Interstate 64 at the Ferdinand exit.  LaRoche identified the driver as 26 year old Derek T. Renfrow and the passenger as 19 year old Shane L. Elder, both of New Albany, and learned that the two were coming from Harrison County.

During the course of the traffic stop, LaRoche gained consent to search the vehicle.  LaRoche found a small flashlight that, rather than containing batteries, was packaged with a bag holding a white powder substance that field tested positive for cocaine.  The flashlight additionally contained a bag with Zanax and hydrocodone pills, as well as a bag containing marijuana.  Both Renfrow and Elder were placed into custody.

While searching Elder, LaRoche found a bag containing a powder that field tested positive as  methamphetamine.  LaRoche later learned that the methamphetamine belonged to Renfrow, but was being held by Elder.

Renfrow and Elder were transported to and lodged in the Dubois County Security Center.  LaRoche was assisted by the Ferdinand Police Department.

Arrested and Charges:

Derek T. Renfrow, 26, New Albany, IN

Shane L. Elder, 19, New Albany IN

– Possession of Cocaine, Level 6 Felony

– Possession of Methamphetamine, Level 6 Felony

– Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, Class A Misdemeanor

– Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance, Class A Misdemeanor

– Possession of Marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor