A Linton woman was arrested after police say she dragged her child down a hallway, threw them in a room and removed the door knobs.

No word on how old the child is. 


In jail is 31-year-old Rikki Sharp; charged with battery, resulting in bodily injury, a Level 5 Felony. 

According to police, School Resource Officer Debbie Miller and Department of Child Services caseworker, came to the police station on October 26 with a student who had gone to the school nurse complaining of a back ache.

The child suffered a large red mark with an open wound in the middle of their back along the spine consistent with a rug burn.

The child told police their mother then threw them into their bedroom so hard it caused the student to “wipe out for a few minutes.”

“When asked what wipe out meant, (they) said ‘Like I fainted for a few minutes and woke back up,'” Miller wrote in the probable cause affidavit. 

The child told police they had a hard time sleeping because their back hurt.

Officials say the student didn’t go back to school for two days due to an appointment and their back hurting.

Sharp was then interviewed at the police station and told police on the morning of Oct. 24 her child didn’t want to go to school.

The affidavit states Sharp said the child sat in the middle of the living room floor and then hid behind a recliner.

Sharp told officials she grabbed the child’s feet and then dragged them to their bedroom saying the child fought her the entire way down the hall.

Sharp then said she finally had to lift the child off the floor and set them on their bed. She denied throwing the child.

Sharp told officials the child did miss two days of school due to an appointment and the child’s back hurting.

She told police she had went too far.  “I don’t need anybody to tell me that I went too far, pulling down the hallway,'” she told police.

When asked if she notified the school about the child’s back injury, she told officials she didn’t because it worried her because how officials would look at the situation.