A big national voter turnout brought an overwhelming number of Republicans to the polls in Washington County and around Indiana, returning a Republican Lt. Gov. into the Gov. Seat as Mike Pence has left the office to run for Vice President. 

11,578 votes were cast in Washington County today. 2,425 were straight ticket Republican votes and 896 were straight Democrat votes. 


Presidential Candidate Donald Trump took 8,204 votes to 2,636 for Hillary Clinton. 

Holcomb took 1,279 votes locally (59.93 percent) to John Gregg, who captured 817 votes (38.28 percent). 

Republican Todd Young defeated former Indiana Gov. Evan Bayh for the 9th District US Senate Seat — 7,195 (63 percent) to 3,772 for Bayh (33 percent).

US House Representative (IN district 9) found Trey Hollingsworth defeating Bloomington resident Shelli Yoder. Hollingsworth took 6,576 votes locally (58 percent) to Yoder’s 3,989 votes (39.93 percent).

Indiana Representative District 73 Incumbent Steve Davisson defeated fellow Washington County resident Doug Leatherbury (D). Locally, Davissison received 8,441 (75 percent) votes compared to 2,797 for Leatherbury. 

In local races, Larry Medlock (R) won re-election as Judge of the Circuit Court. He was unnoposed and received 9,272 votes. 

Frank Newkirk Jr. (R) took 9,323 votes in an unopposed race for Judge of the Superior Court. 

Republican Sarah Milligan edged former County Clerk Rita Martin with a total of 5,917 votes to 5,147.

Democrat Circuit Court Clerk Shirley Batt won the County Treasurer position, unopposed, 7,762 votes.

Republican Rusty Fultz defeated Scott Schocke to win the Washington County Coroner office. Fultz captured 6,690 votes to Shocke’s 4,339. 

Republican Jeff Souder returned to the County Surveyor office he’s held for several years, unopposed with 9,306 votes. 

Republican Phillip Marshall was re-elected to a second term as Washington County Commissioner, District 1. 

He received 7,307 votes. Charles Hamilton, the Democrat challenger, received 2,947 votes. Libertarian David Norton earned 769 votes. 

Republican Rick Roberts won the County Commissioner District 3 seat, which is currently held by David Brown who chose not to run again. 

Roberts won with 6,957 votes. Joe Keith Sr (D) earned 2,594 votes and Libertarian Rhonda Greene took 1,461 votes. 

Washington County Council returned saw all three Republicans running win the race. Rondale Brishaber took 5,859 votes; Todd Ewen took 5,990 votes and Gerald Flemming earned 5,265 votes. 

Democrat challengers to the council earned only about 33 percent of the vote. Troy Hubbard took 2,962 votes; Treavor Phipps earned 1,837 votes and incumbent Jonathan Spaulding took 3,842 votes. 

Town of Campbellsburg Town Council saw David L. Brown and Donnie Williams both get elected. Brown had 103 votes and Wiliams took 107 votes. 

Darlene Anderson Hall earned 201 votes to get one of the two positions on the Town of New Pekin Town Council. 

Michael E. Bowling edged out George Browning, 153 votes to 142 for the other seat. Shannon Anderson took 132 votes. 

On the East Washington School Board, Thomas Coats took 2,023 votes over Ray Ramsey’s 943 to win the Polk Township seat. 

Jeff Clem Jr. ran unopposed for the other East Washington School Board seat and took 2,534 votes. 

Voters returned three incumbents and one newcomber to the Salem School Board. 

Mark “Bubba” Abbott, Erica Garloch and Steve Motsinger all won their seats back on the board. Salem’s 2015 Mayoral candidate took the remaining seat. 

Abbott earned 2,641 votes, Garloch had 2,249 votes and Motsinger had 2,592 votes. Haendiges edged others with 1,963 votes. 

West Washington School Board took three members in the election. 

In Madison Township, Aaron Dennis took 1,459 votes to win. He was unopposed. 

In Posey Township, Brian Farmer defeated Anthony Cardwell Jr to take the seat. Farmer had 1,092 votes to Cardwell’s 724 votes. 

Salvatore “Sal” Sama won the Vernon Township seat with 1,515 votes. He was unopposed.