The season’s first snow has descended on Kentuckiana, bringing with it plenty of accidents and school closings. 

Schools began calling off classes this morning by 5a. 

Salem, East Washington and West Washington were all called off today along with most other schools in the WSLM Listening Area — Lawrence, Jackson, Scott, Madison, Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Crawford, Orange. 

“The line of snow ended with the northern counties of Lawrence, Washington and Scott,” said Becky White, WSLM General Manager and Owner. “I’ve been monitoring this for a couple of days so we could stay on top of the weather changes. The National Weather Service in Louisville is calling for a worse case scenario of 5 inches. I think we’ll get a couple of more inches.”

The official reading this morning at 6a at WSLM was 2 inches. 

According to Washington County Deputy Sheriff Brent Miller they department has been working accidents since early this morning.

“Since 4:45 am we have had 10 total accidents, 5 requiring reports, 2 with slight injuries, county roads are snow covered and slick, please travel with caution. We are currently working several accidents,” he noted in a Facebook message. 

Washington County Sheriff Roger Newlon spoke on WSLM this morning. “Take your time. Allow time — Leave early and take your time. The roads are passable but you need to use caution.”

When asked for tips on staying in your vehicle after an accident, Newlon responded: “Hopefully they have a phone to call 911. It takes time to get to you this morning. We have all of our 4x4s out…we are working three accidents at the same time. It may take time, but we’ll get to you.” 

Newlon said the county highway has done a great job. “I will give them a pat on the back. They’ve been out since early this morning putting salt and sand on the county roads. I know they haven’t hit them all but they’re still out in full force.”

Newlon said if you are in an accident in the snow, please stay in your vehicle.

“If all possible….stay in the car. Carry a blanket in the vehicle. use your cell phone. If you’re not in the middle of the road, stay inside,” he said.