Sitting slumped over with shaggy hair drooping down to cover his face, 20-year-old Josh Rainbolt sat in the Washington County Courthouse answering questions posed by Circuit Court Judge Larry Medlock while fighting back tears. 

Rainbolt was arrested last Thursday evening and accused of murdering his high school classmate, 20-year-old Blake Box-Skinner, who was found dead in a shed outside the home they shared north of Campbellsburg. 

According to police records, Box-Skinner had not been in contact with family since Monday, Jan. 9 and Box-Skinner’s uncle (and Indiana State Trooper) Jonathan Cain went to check on him, along with his mother and father on the afternoon of Jan. 12 to the residence at 10609 West Lost River Road in Campbellsburg. 

According to police, they found Box-Skinner’s body in a shed behind the house. This led to an investigation with the ISP and Washington County Sheriff’s Department and Rainbolt’s arrest.

Rainbolt in his first public hearing after his arrest, appeared before Judge Medlock to answer a few initial questions and then was posed with the question about legal representation.

“Do you or will you plan to hire an attorney to represent you,” asked Medlock.

Through sobs, Rainbolt answered,”I don’t know.”

Medlock asked him if he was able to afford an attorney and Rainbolt answered back, “No.”

“Do your parents plan to hire an attorney for you,” asked Medlock. Again, Rainbolt answered, “I don’t know.”

Moving to the Prosecution, Medlock asked if there was any additional information other than the probable cause affidavit filed last week.

Prosecuting Attorney Dustin Houchin admitted that to the court and went on to interview ISP Detective Josh Banet.

Banet said he participated in the interview with Rainbolt and also was present while he was interviewed by someone else.

During that interview, Banet said, Rainbolt admitted that he shot Box-Skinner in the back of the head with a shotgun.

Banet also said Rainbolt told police he had disposed of the gun by throwing it into White River off a bridge at Ft. Ritner.

Banet said the investigation was continuing.

Medlock said he was going to enter an initial plea of Non-Guilty and had appointed Public Defender Mark Clark to meet with Rainbolt initially.

Also, based on the initial evidence, Medlock said no bail would be granted.

“If after you meet with your attorney, you decide you want to ask for bail, you will let the court know and we’ll set a hearing for that,” said Medlock.

Rainbolt faces charges of Murder and Obstruction of Justice. 

The murder charge could bring between 45-60 years and carry a $10,000 fine. 

The obstruction charge could also carry a $10,000 fine and include a jail term. 

The pre-trial hearing is set for Feb. 23 in Circuit Court with the jury trial set for June 6.