Indiana lawmakers are one step closer to passing a new tax that will increase the price of gas, increase vehicle registration fees, and open the door for statewide tolls on Indiana highways.

If it passes, the state tax on gasoline, diesel, and other motor vehicle fuels would increase by 10 cents per gallon. It would also annually increase by one cent to adjust for inflation.

Indiana motorists would also pay an extra $15 in vehicle registration fees at the BMV. Motorists with electric cars would pay an additional $150 in fees.

House Bill 1002, sponsored by Rep. Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso), passed the House Roads and Transportation Committee on Wednesday by an 8-5 margin.

The proposal now heads to the Ways and Means Committee before going to the full house.

Lastly, the governor would also have the ability to implement tolling without the approval of state lawmakers.