Two Louisville women and their dog were located and transported to safety after a 4-hour search operation. 

Indiana Conservation Officers responded to a call of two lost hikers deep in the Harrison-Crawford State Forest late Saturday night. 

The lost women called for help at approximately 8:30 p.m., after becoming disoriented while hiking the trail system. 

After ICO Dispatch “pinged” the pair’s nearest cell phone tower location, Indiana Conservation Officers and O’Bannon Woods State Park personnel initiated a search operation with ATVs. 
Search efforts were hampered when, despite officers’ requests to remain stationary, the women continued walking to different locations, utilizing only a dim “Fitbit” light. 
After riding nearly 25 miles on ATVs, officers and park personnel located the exhausted, but otherwise uninjured women. 
Indiana Conservation Officers strongly encourage all hikers to be prepared when taking to the woods.  Notify someone of your plans, and in addition to a cell phone, necessary items should include a current map of the trails, compass/gps, first aid kit, flashlight, and extra food and water.