Indiana Conservation Officers are pursing charges of possession of illegal ginseng after stopping a canoe on Lake Monroe. On Sunday June 4th, 2017, Conservation Officers Stine and Noble initiated a boat stop on a canoe for appearing to not possess a lake use permit.

Kristina Curry,33, covered something behind her in the canoe when she saw the ICO’s approach. Officer Stine and Noble discovered Curry and the passenger, Matthew Ross, 33, were attempting to hide ginseng.
Curry and Ross admitted to digging the ginseng on state property and having more at their campsite and residence. They consented to a search of their vehicle, campsite in Paynetown State Recreation Area and their residence in Bloomington.
Overall, 7 ginseng plants, 2 ginseng roots and other various roots were located and seized as evidence.
Ginseng is a plant that is dug for its root. Ginseng can be legally harvested from September 1-December 31 of each year. Ginseng must be sold to a licensed ginseng dealer or disposed of prior to March 31 of the following year. It is illegal to dig Ginseng on state property.
Curry and Ross are being charged with possession of ginseng out of season and digging ginseng on state property. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.