The Washington County Sheriff’s Department has recovered over $600 in counterfeit bills in the last week;  five are in jail on counterfeiting charges while police still look for more involved. 

Arrested in relation to counterfeiting are from left, Jeff Petty, Campbellsburg; Jesse L. Harrod of Salem; Amanda Goss of Borden; Jennifer Ulrich and William Motsinger, both of Salem.

In fact, police believe there are three different groups working to make “funny money” in the area. 

According to Washington County Sheriff Roger Newlon, during the week of July 17 thru July 22 officers took reports of counterfeit currency being passed in the Salem and Pekin areas of Washington County.

Information, evidence and victim statements were obtained along with security video to create a list of suspects, said Newlon. 

Bills are taken at the following locations:

  • On Friday, July 21, $140 in counterfeit money was recovered from a
    victim at a yard sale.
  • On Sunday afternoon, July 23, $40 In counterfeit money was recovered
    from Taco Bell in Salem.
  • A $20 bill was attempted to be passed at the Sunoco station in Pekin earlier this month. 
  • 2 $20 bills were found in a business deposit from Old National Bank. 

Deputy Sheriff Brent Miller said the Sunoco and Old National bills were manufactured differently from the other money recovered. 

“There are some counterfeit $10s going through,” said Miller. “[In] a separate incident. Two $20 bills were manufactured differently. We think that is not connected to this bigger case. We think we may have three different cases.”

On Sunday afternoon, July 23, officers identified a female, Amanda Goss, as being one of the suspects while serving an unrelated arrest warrant.

After interviewing Amanda she was charged with counterfeiting.

On Monday morning, July 24, officers were attempting to locate other suspects when information was obtained that two of the suspects, Jessie Harrod and Jeffrey Petty, had been arrested earlier in the morning, in Clark County on counterfeiting charges. (See related story)

These two men had the printer scanner used in making some of the bills in question. 

“If you’re at a business and taking bills and it’s busy, you might not notice the,” said Newlon. “However, if you’re paying attention, you’re going to see right away that these are not real.” 

“They were using a scanner printer. Something most people have in their homes,” said Newlon. “These people have no relationship to each other, other than a boyfriend girlfriend and acquaintances.”

On Monday, July 24, Officers obtained and executed a search warrant at a residence on Vincennes Trail, in Washington County.

Evidence of manufacturing counterfeit money was located on the property and seized. The occupant of the residence, Jennifer Ullrich was arrested and charged with counterfeiting.

On Monday afternoon, July 24, officers located William Motsinger and conducted an interview with him at the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

After the interview, Motsinger was arrested for counterfeiting. $420 in counterfeit money was also recovered as a result of his arrest.

This investigation is continuing with more arrests expected.

Assisting in the investigation were Pekin Town Marshal, Jeff Thomas and Conservation Officer Neal Brewington.

Other Officers involved Sheriff Newlon, Deputy Sheriff Miller and Deputy Brad Naugle.