Sheriff Roger Newlon would like to congratulate Deputy Paul Ginkins and his K-9 partner, Leny for recently graduating from an Indiana State Police K-9 school in Indianapolis.

Leny had previously received his obedience and narcotics certification, prior to the 9 weeks course in Indianapolis.

During the K-9 school, Leny and Deputy Ginkins worked tirelessly on expanding Leny’s narcotics certification. Leny also earned his certification in the following areas; Evidence Search, Tracking, Building Searches, 


Aggression Control and Area Search.

Sheriff Roger Newlon would like to say thanks again to anyone and everyone, who made a donation and or a contribution to the Washington County Sheriff’s K-9 Program.

“Working together, we can make a difference,” said Newlon. “Deputy Ginkins and Leny are ready to do their part to help make Washington County a safer place.”