Three people were arrested early this morning near 37th and Leeland after leading a Trooper on a short chase.

The incident began when Trooper Casey Witzigreuter attempted to pull over a vehicle near 38th Street and Wallace Avenue.

19 year old Devontai Terrell of Indianapolis was arrested along with two juveniles (17 and 16 years old).

All three now face preliminary charges of dealing marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a handgun without a permit. In addition, the 16 year old driver faces resisting law enforcement charges.

The vehicle continued driving at low speeds, turning south onto Butler Avenue then west onto 37th Street where the vehicle stopped. With assistance from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Trooper Witzigreuter was able to take all three male occupants into custody without incident. 

At one point during the pursuit, one of the occupants allegedly threw a handgun out of the passenger window. That gun was later recovered by officers. During the course of the investigation 19 grams of marijuana was located inside the vehicle along with paraphernalia that led police to believe these suspects were dealing drugs. Also in the car was a bullet resistant vest, an empty gun holster and a large amount of cash.


The charges listed are merely accusations, the case will be reviewed by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to determine actual charges.