Sizemore, Kayla L

  • Poss of Meth
  • Poss of Hypodermic
  • Poss of Paraphernalia

Litch, James A.

  • Poss of Narcotic
  • Driving W/ Prior Suspension

Chesser, Tabitha N.

  • Driving while Suspended Prior
  • Poss. Of Paraphernalia

Turner, Jerald E.

  • Operate M.V While Intoxicated
  • Operate M.V While Intoxicated (BAC .117)
  • Operating ATV under Influence of Alcoholic Beverage

Butler, Jonathan A.

  • Poss of Meth
  • Maint. Common Nuisance
  • Poss. Of Legend Drug Driving While Suspended
  • Poss of Paraphernalia

Gibson, Gerald V.

FTA – Poss of Meth