The Washington County Clerk’s Office is now accepting paperwork from individuals interested in running for elected offices during the 2018 election.

Future candidates can file their declaration of candidacy form as well as other necessary documents to the clerk’s voter services office.

The filing period will close on Friday, February 9 th , at noon.

“We’re excited to utilize our new voter services room this year,” said Clerk Sarah Milligan. “I think the new setup will make for a smoother process when people come to register to vote or to vote absentee in the office.”

Voter registration from the primary election will end on April 9 th .

Those who are interested in updating their voter registration can do so by visiting, as well as contacting the voter services office.

Early voting in the clerk’s office will start on April 10 th and will go until noon on May 7 th .

The clerk’s office and voter service is located in its new location at 801 S. Jackson Street, in the Washington County Justice Center.