The Indiana State Police discovered a meth lab in Hanover and arrested two, including one man from Hanover.

On January 9th, 2018, Troopers from the Indiana State Police All Crimes Policing Team and Deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff Department received information that a wanted individual was staying at 4303 W. SR 256. Hanover, Indiana.  

When officers arrived they found drug evidence lying in plain view outside of the residence.  Officers applied for a search warrant for the residence, which was ultimately granted.  

The Jefferson County Emergency Response Team was summoned to scene to assist with clearing the residence.  

One individual was located in the residence and the homeowner returned to the scene as the situation progressed.  

During a search of the residence, officers located items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and stolen property.  

Both the individual in the residence and the homeowner were arrested for drug related charges.  The wanted individual that officers were initially searching for was not located.


Michael D. Brown, age 46, 4303 W. SR 256, Hanover, IN

Charges:         Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Level 4 Felony

                        Dealing Methamphetamine, Level 5 Felony

                        Possession of Methamphetamine, Level 6 Felony

                        Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Level 6 Felony

                        Possession of a Syringe, Level 6 Felony

                        Possession of Stolen Property, 2 Counts, A Misdemeanor


Amanda G. Caudill, age 37, Woodlawn, VA

Charges:         Possession of Methamphetamine, Level 6 Felony

                        Possession of a Syringe, Level 6 Felony

                        Visiting a Common Nuisance, B Misdemeanor

The suspects were transported and processed at the Jefferson County Jail.  The Indiana State Police was assisted by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, The Jefferson County SWAT team, and the Jefferson County Animal Control Department.