Sellersburg firefighters and Clark County and Sellersburg police officers were able to rescue a man from the roof of his car after he drove into Silver Creek off of Weber Road today in 20-degree weather. 

The Clark County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call around 2:19 p.m. from the driver of the Mercedes passenger vehicle, according to Lt. Col. Scottie Maples. 

The driver, a 39-year-old from Memphis, Indiana, had driven his car into the creek and managed to climb his way out of the vehicle from the sun roof and then call 911. By the time officers arrived, the vehicle was almost fully submerged. 

Sellersburg’s fire department soon joined the police and were able to rescue the driver by throwing him a rope with a life jacket attached and pulling him to safety. 

“If he wouldn’t have exited the vehicle, I’m sure the officers would have swam out there,” Maples said. 

The driver sustained no injuries. Sellersburg police also assisted with the rescue.

Maples said he doesn’t believe the accident was caused by icy roads, but rather operator error. A snow storm on Friday left some county roads on Saturday in bad condition. 

This is the first time Maples knows of that a person has driven into Silver Creek.