Former Salem Police Department Assistant Chief Roy Overshiner has filed his candidacy for Washington County Sheriff.

He ran as the Republican candidate in 2014 and was defeated by Roger Newlon.  

Roy has more than 30 years in Law Enforcement starting at Indiana University Police Program then to Columbus Police Department, and then finally to Salem Police Department where he rose through the ranks to Assistant Chief.

Within his time at Salem Police Department Roy was a certified police trainer and certified to train police officers in a wide variety of skills.

Roy is currently the senior Staff Duty Officer at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, serving as the Professional Assistant to the Executive Director of the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.

Roy’s run for Sheriff is aimed at Moving Forward for a Safer County, by bringing in fresh ideas and new perspective for a county that has been ravished by the increased crime and a drug epidemic.

Statement from Roy Overshiner:

Early in 2017, I begin being approached by many citizens, asking me to consider running for sheriff again in 2018. These individuals, not knowing each other, referenced many common problems. My wife, Susan, and I along with our adult children discussed the possibility. As time passed, I recognized that all felt the problems needed a fresh new professional approach from a law enforcement individual not associated to the current and previous administrations’ ways of doing things, as they were deemed as failing the communities’ needs. Many cited the increasing drug problem and the other crimes resulting from it. Which have become worse at an increasing rate during the past three years, since the last sheriff election.

Those approaching me commented on my feelings on such matters and my background in the Law Enforcement community. They cited the fact that I possessed the desire to not follow the old standard ways of doing things, seen as an out of touch approach, to the problem of today. They commented to me. “You understand Roy. You have seen what we are talking about and you had a plan the first time you ran for Sheriff.” They felt we need that approach and leadership standard now.

Other considerations come from a three year continued communications contact project using a venue on a Facebook site known as Roy Overshiner: Ideas for Our Community, which later changed to Moving Forward for a Safer County with citizens being able to engage me with their concerns and feeling and ideas on helping the county as a whole.

I offer to the citizens of Washington County the same solid fresh approach standard as before. I offer my solid 30 plus years of experience at all levels from rookie street officer to the Assistant Chief of Police of the Salem Police Department from before. I offer further experience resulting from my continued work as a professional in Law Enforcement at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy at Plainfield, Indiana. My most current position has provided me another level of enhancements influenced from the state level. Adding to my leadership base during a five year period.

Add to this my personal life. At 58 years old I am a graduate of Salem High School class 1977, I attended Indiana University for two years Bloomington Campus and then attended the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Plainfield Indiana earning a certificate (session 82-70) in Law enforcement in 1982. I am the father of five adult children, four adult step children and 12 grandchildren. As with all us we have family – brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers.

I was raised in the rural Haleysburg community of Northern Washington County later lived in the city of Salem for 29 years. I have been retired from the Salem Police Department for 6 years and living as a normal civilian citizen here in our county. One year ago I moved to the West Washington School area in rural Washington County with my wife.

I understand when citizens talk to me about problems and experiences of living both in the city and rural areas. I understand family and neighbors. And when citizen talk of being just that a normal citizen. With Normal needs or having a problem.

After much thought and conversation, based on the many needs and considerations there in, concerning Washington County and our many communities. I have decided to once again run for the office of Washington County Sheriff in 2018.