A meeting will be held in Borden next week will allow the community and stakeholders the chance to discuss the possible annexation of Borden Schools with East Washington  School Corporation. 

The meeting will be held at the community building in Borden on Wednesday, January 31 at 6:30p.

Representatives from East Washington will be there to listen and answer questions.

All community members are welcome to attend.

In a message from East Washington Superintendent Dennis Stockdale, posted to the school’s social media pages today, he said:


“I realize there has been some chatter recently about the possibility of Borden becoming part of East Washington School Corporation.

“As Borden considers all of its options for its educational future, Borden has approached EWSC about the possibility of becoming part of the East Washington district.

“At this time, Borden has asked to receive information about programs currently offered at East Washington.

“I, the Superintendent of EWSC, have agreed to attend an upcoming Borden community meeting on January 31st to share information about the great things happening at East Washington.

“Before ANY serious discussions would occur, East Washington would have several community based discussions on possible impacts on East Washington’s school and community. Due diligence must be taken to consider possible positive and negative impacts that would occur as a result of any decision.

“This is a very long process that could take several years. Any speculations of a decision at this time would be and are premature.

“Please remember, no decision is imminent in the near future.”

The West Clark School board voted last November to allow Silver Creek to secede from the West Clark Community School Corporation.

This is the first time in Indiana history that a school corporation has removed itself from a school corporation. But the process will take a lot of time to complete.