It’s been a busy day for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Salem Police Department as well as other emergency services in the county including the ambulance staff and fire departments. 

Slick roads contributed to dozens of vehicles in accidents throughout the day, include a pile up on Leer Hill between Borden and Pekin that left 10 vehicles damaged and State Road 60 closed for a few hours this morning.  Traffic was backed to to Pekin and Borden on both sides of the accident. 

In about 12 hours, the departments have responded to 11 accidents resulting from slick roads to the wintrymix we received overnight. 

This propane truck slid off the road on SR135 around Shorts Corner this morning. Luckily, the fully-loaded propane vehicle was not damaged nor leaded fuel.

A large structure fire was also reported at Salem Hardwood Lumber and was contained during this time.

“Remind everyone to slow down and drive carefully,” said Washington County Deputy Sheriff Brent Miller. “There is a lot of emergency vehicles on the road. Watch out for them. Allow a little travel time to get to your destination and be careful.” 

Here’s a rundown of the accidents that were worked this morning:

  • 6:34 am, Slide off on the Bypass,  (1) vehicle,  no injuries, worked  by Salem Police  Dept.
  • 6:35 am, (3) Accident on State Road 60 E and Leer Hill, involving (5) vehicles,  all vehicles  were damaged,  no injuries worked by New Pekin Marshal  Jeff Thomas.  (3) Other vehicles  slid off on Leer Hill with no damage  or injuries, assisted  by members  of the Pierce/Polk Volunteer Fire Department.
  • 6:59 am, Slide off on the Bypass,  (1) vehicle,  no damage,  no injuries, no officer required
  • 7:49 am, Accident on Shorts Comer  Road, (2) vehicles  were damaged,  no injuries, worked  by Chief Deputy  Brent Miller
  • 8:12 am, Accident involving (3) vehicles,  all vehicles  were damaged,  no injuries, worked by Mark Blackman, assisted by members  of the Pierce/Polk Volunteer Fire Department.
  • 8:13 am, (2) Accident at State Road 60 and Voyles  Road, involving (5) vehicles,  all vehicles  were damaged,  (2) patients  were transported to St. Vincent  by the Washington County  Ambulance Service  for treatment of non-life  threatening injuries, worked  by Mark Blackman,  assisted  by members  of the Pierce/Polk Volunteer Fire Department.
  • 8:56 am, (3) Slide offs on State Road 66, no damage  to vehicles  and no injuries, worked by Captain  Ryan Larrimore
  • 9:04 am, Slide off on Conway  Church  Road, (1) vehicle  with minor  damage  and no mjunes
  • 9: 19 am, Slide off on Vincennes Trail, (1) vehicle  with minor  damage  and no injuries, worked  by Chief Deputy  Brent Miller
  • 10: 13 am, Accident  on Hardinsburg/Livonia Road (1) semi-tractor and trailer  over turned with no injuries, worked  by Captain Ryan Larrimore
  • 12:13 pm, Accident  on Mt. Carmel  Road, (1) vehicle  with damage,  no injuries, worked by Lieutenant Wayne Blevins

Roads recovered when temperatures hovered around 30-32 degrees in the afternoon, but side roads were still slick in spots. 

Thursdays temperatures are expected to be in the upper 30s with 52 predicted for Friday. 

Another round of wintry mix of rain and sleet is set for Sunday afternoon.