The Indiana House of Representatives supported legislation sponsored by State Rep. Steve Davisson (R-Salem) today that would require coroners to further investigate overdose deaths. 

The legislation would require a coroner to obtain information about the deceased from INSPECT, Indiana’s prescription monitoring program, if they reasonably suspect the cause of death to be an accidental or intentional overdose of a controlled substance.

“To be successful in curbing the statewide opioid epidemic, Indiana needs to understand the scope of the problem,” Davisson said. “This legislation would apply consistency to coroner toxicology tests performed across the state. Indiana needs more specific, accurate and timely data about the opioid crisis, and this moves toward that goal.”

Coroners would also have to forward test results from the deceased to the Indiana State Department of Health with their notice of death and information about the controlled substance that may have been involved.

According to Davisson, detailed and geographic-specific information like this is essential to saving future lives in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

Senate Enrolled Act 139  can now be considered by the governor. For more information, visit