The Washington County Commissioners and Council had a joint special meeting with township trustees on March 1 to determine who will pay for 11 miles of road that currently is not receiving tax money. 

The county is in the process of updating their pavement asset management plant for the Community Crossing Grants and have discovered that the county is maintaining approximately 11 miles of roads of roads not receiving any tax money the maintenance. 

The 11 miles of roads is in incorporated town limits. 

Superintendent Rick Voyles said county road money should not be used to pave roads within the limits. 

The towns need a pavement asset management plan in order to qualify for grant monies. 

The council and commissioners informed the towns that the county would be willing to pay the cost of the pavement asset management plan for the first year only. 

HWC Representative Paul Lincks stated the cost would be $1200. 

Once the plan is done, the towns could contract with HWC to apply for grant monies. 

It was the consensus of the commissioners and council to provide the funding for the plan and decide at their regular March meetings.