The Indiana Trails group will conduct an open meeting Wednesday, March 21 at 4p in the City Hall council chambers. 

Richard Vonnegut, CEO of Indiana Trails, said the meeting will take place to discuss the acquisition of the former Monon Railroad Right-of- Way (RROW) “Monon South” to continue the use of this 62 mile corridor as a bike, hike transportation route.

The eventual trail would be open to the public. 

CSX railroad has abandoned the rail line, which originally was the Monon line through southern Indiana. 

Indiana Trails is looking at the north end in Lawrence County, from Yockey Road, over 62 miles through Orange, Washington, Clark, and Floyd Counties to Mt Tabor Road,
in New Albany.

There will be two meetings each month. A meeting has already been held in Bedford and the will continue in alternating fashion in each county. 

Vonnegut said he hopes to explain the process of how the corridor can be used for bike, hike, and future rail use, AND to explain about “trail towns”, and to shift three national
routes, each for hiking and bicycling, onto this corridor, to get hikers and bicyclists
off of busy streets and roads, to make the hikers and cyclists safer than on-road.