The National Weather Service has predicted two rounds of storms to pass through the WSLM Listening Area tonight with a high threat of strong winds, hail, lightening and tornadoes. 

The first supercell threat ahead of this evening’s squal line will pass through the area between 2-7p. 

According to Joe Sullivan with the Louisville office of the National Weather Service said the earlier storm would produce lightening, large hail and winds over 40 mph with some threat of tornadoes. 



A Tornado Watch has been issued for portions of southern IN and north central KY through 8 PM EDT.


The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch that affects the following WSLM locations:


        Henry County,KY
        Jefferson County,IN
        Oldham County,KY
        Jennings County,IN
        Jefferson County,KY
        Clark County,IN
        Scott County,IN
        Floyd County,IN
        Jackson County,IN
        Washington County,IN
        Harrison County,IN
        Crawford County,IN
        Lawrence County,IN
        Orange County,IN
        Martin County,IN
        Dubois County,IN





There is a medium to high risk of hail. with a medium to high risk of damaging winds of 60 mph or higher with a medium to high risk of tornadoes and a low risk of flooding. 

Sullivan said the timing of the evening event will be a risk west of I-65 between 7 and 11p. The storm will move east and be a threat to those living east of I-65 from 9:30 – 1:30a. 


There is a low risk of hail with the second storm and a very high risk of damaging winds. There is a low risk for tornado damage in the evening with a medium risk of flooding. 

Keep your radios tuned to WSLM 97.9 FM and WSLM 1220 AM for the latest weather information as well as on Facebook and Twitter. 

Key Messages for this evening’s storms:

  1. Widespread Severe Thunderstorms and a few Tornadoes are likely today and tonight.
  2. Most likely area: northeast Arkansas and Northwest Mississippi into Southwest Ohio.
  3. Damaging winds and large hail will be the most likely threat across largest area.
  4. Strong tornadoes are possible, especially with supercell (strong, rotating) thunderstorms within or ahead of thunderstorm clusters. 
  5. Tornadoes and damaging winds will likely continue after dark. 
  6. Storms will move fast. Take immediate action when the National Weather Service issues a warning. If you wait to see the danger, it may be too late.