This past Friday, April 20th, 2018, at the Indiana State Police Spring Awards Ceremony held at the Indiana Government Center in Indianapolis several troopers from the Sellersburg State Police Post received awards.

The award given and the trooper who received the award is listed below.

*2017 Trooper of the Year for District #45- Trooper Justin Mears.

*Purple Heart for Distinguished Service- Trooper Morgenn Evans.

*Combat Action Awards- Trooper Morgenn Evans and Senior Trooper Shaun Hannon.

*Silver Star Award- Trooper Morgenn Evans.

*Life Saving Award- Trooper Morgenn Evans.

*DUI District Award- Trooper Justin Mears.

*DUI Life Awards- Trooper Justin Mears and Trooper Morgenn Evans.

*Commendation Award- Trooper Dustin Whitaker.