In a big upset against two U.S. Representatives, wealthy businessman Mike Braun won Indiana’s high-stakes GOP Senate primary last night by 55,000 votes. 

Braun defeated U.S. Reps. Luke Messer and Todd Rokita in what has been called the nation’s nastiest U.S. Senate primary.

Braun captured 189,908 votes (41.1 percent) and Messer and Rokita received 134,466 and 138,000, respectively.

The results represent a stunning rebuke of two sitting congressmen and a powerful indicator that the anti-establishment sentiment remains strong among Hoosier Republicans who helped catapult Donald Trump into the White House two years ago. 

Braun will now face off against Sen. Joe Donnelly in the November election.

The race will be one of a handful that determine which party controls the Senate next year.

The trio participated in three live debates heard on WSLM during the spring. 

In Washington County, Braun earned 111 votes (36.04 percent) while Messer took 95 votes (30.84 percent) and Rokita had 102 votes (33.12 percent).