The Indiana Department of Transportation has scheduled its maintenance crews to chip seal State Road 56 next week from Livonia to Salem.  

Motorists will be escorted through the work zone by INDOT pilot vehicles.  Flaggers will be present at worksites. 

The state plans to start its 2-day surface treatment operation next Wednesday (MAY 16)—weather permitting—along the 10-mile section of S.R. 56 in western and central Washington County.  A fog seal of liquid asphalt spray will be applied at a later date. 

Chip seal applications coat the roadway with liquid asphalt to seal cracks and protect the pavement from harmful ultraviolet rays—extending service life, lowering lower maintenance costs and helping to prevent late-winter/early-spring potholes.  Small limestone chips cover the asphalt—providing adequate surface friction for driver safety.