According to the Indiana State Police, after the findings of an autopsy earlier today, the case of a missing person from Washington County has now been officially classified as a Murder Case. 

Sgt. Jerry Goodin said the body found earlier this week near Little York had been shot in the head and police were not able to make a positive identification. 

When police found the body, it was in such a state of decomposition, police could not identify the body. 

As a result, police are relying on DNA and dental records in an attempt to positively identify the found body. 

“We are seeking an expedited DNA analysis,” said Washington County Chief Deputy Sheriff Brent Miller. “It just means they are going to speed the process up. That’s out of my hands. That’s something the state police are dealing with.”

The autopsy was performed earlier today in Washington County. 

Toxicology test results are pending, which would reveal if there were any drugs or alcohol in the system.

It is unknown how long it will take to get a positive identification of the body, said Goodin. 

The body was found during a search for Skyler Naugle, 35, of Washington County, 

Monday morning, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department requested assistance from detectives from the Indiana State Police Post at Sellersburg in searching for a missing person around the Little York area of Washington County. 

As part of their search for Naugle, officers visited 7707 East New Cut Road in Little York.

As officers began speaking with an occupant of the property they gained enough information to believe Naugle had been to the property before he went missing.

At this point they obtained permission to search the property from an owner and they also obtained a search warrant. 

While searching the property officers located a body in a wooded area near the home.

The body was not recognizable enough to provide an identity and an autopsy was performed this morning in Washington County.

Goodin said Tuesday there is a good possibility that the found body is that of Naugle however, but police are waiting for a 100 percent verification. 

Naugle was reported missing this past Saturday, July 21st by family members and was last seen on Monday July 16th in the early morning hours in the Little York area of Washington County. 

Anyone with information regarding the missing person Naugle or the body found is encouraged to contact the Indiana State Police at 1-800-872-6743 or the Washington County Sheriff’s Department at 812-883-5999. 

The Washington County Coroner’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office are assisting in the investigation.