A former Salem female student who made threats to a Salem Middle School student is in custody in Kentucky with police. 

Police continue to maintain a presence on school grounds for student assurance and any related safety concerns, according to Jennifer Laywer, Principal of SMS.

All three schools will maintain on lock-in to await the closure of the investigation at the word of police authorization.

Earlier this morning, school officials were notified that a female student of Salem Middle School received an online threat from a former student of Salem Community Schools.

That student is now living in Kentucky.

The student who was threatened is at home with parents, however; Salem officials took every precaution to investigate the concern along with local police.

Police have been working this morning and afternoon to locate the student who made the threat who last lived in Kentucky, while all three Salem schools are on lock-in procedures to remain inside the building and continue the school day.

“We feel that school is a safe place to be, but as a parental decision if you feel that you would prefer to pick up your student, please bring ID for pickup at the office,” said Lawyer.