The 2019 Beef Cow/Calf Improvement Seminar will take place on Saturday, January 19 at the Orange County Community Center (1075 N Sandy Hood Rd, Paoli, IN 47454) beginning
at 9:30 AM and ending at 3:45 PM.

The theme for this year’s seminar will focus on “Nutrition for the Cowherd.” This seminar will explore the nutritional needs of a cow as she progresses through her pregnancy, as well as different strategies to ensure a healthy herd.

The day’s speakers have a wide range of expertise and will share their knowledge and experiences with nutritional management with cowherds. University of Missouri’s, Dr. Allison Meyer will kick off the morning with a focus on “Management Strategies for a Successful Calving Season”.

Visiting from the University of Illinois, Travis Meteer, will share his
knowledge on “Overcoming the Challenges of Lush Forages” before the seminar attendees breakfor a catered lunch.

Following lunch, Dr. Meyer will continue the seminar with her topic on “Developmental Programming: How Nutrition and Management During Pregnancy Impacts Calves Long-term”.
Next, Dr. Patrick Gunn, representing Purina, will be discussing, “Nutritional Interactions with Reproduction in the Cowherd: Optimizing Resources and Maximizing Margins”.

The final topic for the day will focus on “Observations of Extended Drylot Housing of Beef Cows” with Travis Meteer presenting again.

Early registration on or before January 11 will cost $20. Students with paying advisors or parents will be $20 before or on January 11.

All registrations received after January 11 will be
$30. For a registration form or for additional information, please contact the Purdue Extension –Lawrence County Office at 812-275-4623 or email at [email protected]