Police are releasing more details regarding the arrest of Washington County Clerk Sarah Milligan.

Indiana State Police stopped Milligan on Main Street in Salem shortly after 5p this afternoon.

Trooper Justin Smith stopped Milligan for speeding and improper display of license plates.

Improper display is not having your license plate properly displayed whether your permanent tag or a temporary license plate, according to ISP SGT Carey Huls.

Huls said Milligan was arrested at approximately 5:50p and transported to St. Vincent Salem hospital for drug testing.

She was found with two prescription drugs on her possession – a generic form of Suboxone, a schedule III substance and a generic form of Adderall, a schedule II substance.

Huls said they were considered prescription meds and only commented that they were found in her vehicle during the stop.

Huls said he does not know if she tested positive for either of those drugs or something else. Those results are not yet known.  

Adderall is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy.  

Suboxone is medication given at various clinics and is used for opioid and heroine addiction and to treat pain as well as addiction to narcotic pain relievers.

Milligan was booked into the Washington County Detention Center and charged with the following:

Count I – Operating a Vehicle With A Controlled Substance In Her Body

Count II – Possession of a Schedule I-IV Controlled Substance

Count III – Possession of a Schedule I-IV Controlled Substance