What do dogs do when they retire?  Whatever they want!!  After serving over ten years as Master Trooper Fred Trammel’s partner/companion and the state of Indiana, K-9 Ryker is retiring.

Trammel and Rykr attended the Allen County K-9 academy from September, 2008 until they graduated on December 4, 2008. 

Since that time, Rykr has been responsible for twenty nine (29) tracks with fifteen (15) apprehensions. 

He had done 869 total drug searches, resulting in 223 drug related criminal arrests, and 77 non-drug related criminal arrests (total of 300 criminal arrests).

Rykr and Trammel have assisted other agencies (city, county, FBI, DEA and ATF) 394 times in various capacities, Rykr’s total narcotic seizures were 1.3 pounds of Methamphetamine, 712 pounds of Marijuana, 8.5 pounds of Cocaine, ½ pound of Crack Cocaine, 13 pounds of Heroin, 40 pounds of Khat, and over $700,000 in U.S. currency.

Rykr was recognized nationally and given an award from the National Interdiction Conference for the largest Khat seizure in a vehicle (40 pounds) in 2013. 

He was also responsible for seizing a ½ pound of Methamphetamine on a traffic stop that was key in the arrest of over twenty (20) individuals in a federal drug trafficking case involving three states.

Rykr has performed dozens of demonstrations for schools and other organizations and particularly loves interacting with children. Master Trooper Trammel stated, “Rykr would stay all day if allowed and just let the kids pet him.” 

Rykr only had one criminal apprehension with a bite in his career, but according to Trammel his favorite bite was to ISP K-9 handler Trooper Chris Eagles’ hand during training.

Master Trooper Trammels stated, “Dogs teach us a very important lessons in life: obedience, loyalty, and perseverance.  But the most important thing I’ve earned from Rykr is his unconditional love and friendship”.

Rykr is now enjoying his retirement at home with the Trammel family as you can see by the picture below!