According to Washington County Sheriff Brent Miller, the department worked five slide-offs last night as well as a personal injury accident and a property damage accident.
“Roads are slick in places,” said Miller, “I would caution people to stay home if they don’t have to get out. There seems to have been a lot of people out this morning. There is NO state of emergency in Washington County.”
Miller said the county and state highway crews have been out to treat the roads.
“The main thing is the cold,” he said. “It’s extremely cold and people need to dress accordingly if they have to be outside for any length of time.”
Miller said the department hadn’t received any calls regarding freezing pipes as of this morning. 
If anyone is in need of shelter or a warm place to stay, please call 812.883.5999 or please contact the Salem Police Department at 812.883.5100.
Schools and churches have opened their doors, too.
If you know of anyone living alone, please call or check on them to make sure everyone is staying warm and has food and water.