The Indiana Department of Transportation will be at the ready in anticipation of potential winter weather this evening.

District wide, crews are expecting snow that will turn into freezing rain in the overnight hours. Beginning at midnight local time, several INDOT sub districts will have full or partial call outs with 40-50 trucks out total and more drivers on standby. Residual salt from the last few days of treatment and warmer temperatures are expected to act as pre-treatment.

However, with temperatures reaching extreme lows, the effectiveness of salt can be diminished. Typically, salt is at its peak effectiveness between 25 and 35 degrees. INDOT does use environmentally friendly boosters in salt such as Beet Heet to assist at lower temperatures making materials more effective in the 10 to 15 degree range.

INDOT would like to remind motorists to slow down to an appropriate speed for weather conditions. Snow plows at full call out work in 2-3 hour cycles.