February 11

Indiana State Police

Dustin Spears, 29, Salem

  • Possession of a Syringe
  • False Informing
  • Possession of Marijuana, Hash Oil, Hashish or Salvia
  • Dealing in a lookalike substance
  • Possession of a lookalike substance

February 12

Indiana State Police

Landon Zane McPheeters, 19, Salem

  • Battery – Resulting in Bodily Injury

Aubrey Baer, 27, Pekin

  • Failure to Appear

Samantha Leigh Herron, 27, Medora

  • Violation of Probation

Washington County Sheriff’s Department

David Sanders Stoess, 44, Louisville

  • Failure to appear on felony charge
  • Writ of Body Attachment
  • Writ of Body Attachment

Ralph Dewane Stewart, 48, Salem

  • Operating a Motor Vehicle After Forfeiture of License

Travis Huslopple, 36, Austin

  • Criminal Mischief
  • Possession of a Synthetic Drug or Synthetic Drug Lookalike 

Floyd County Sheriff’s Department

Kelsey G Smith, 24, Salem 

  • Pending