Police rescued two women from high water this morning near Little York with one being sent to Louisville by helicopter ambulance for hypothermia.

According to police, at approximately 10:30pm Tuesday, Feb.12 Sara Smith, 35, of Salem and Holly Chastain, 34, Salem drove down Spurgeon School Rd. east of Mt. Eden Rd. to check the high water in the area.

The vehicle got stuck in high water and the females decided to stay in vehicle overnight since they did not have a cell phone to call for help.

When morning came, the two females got out of the vehicle to walk to get help, according to Washington County Deputy Ryan Larrimore. 

Smith made it to a nearby house to call 911.

At approximately 9am Washington County 911 received a phone call from Smith that she had driven into high water and her Chastain was still near the car in deep water.

Washington County Sheriff’s Department Deputies and Monroe Township Fire Dept. arrived on scene and spotted
Chastain in the field approximately a quarter mile north from where the vehicle was located.

Driftwood Township Fire Dept. responders and Monroe Township Fire Dept. responders were able to utilize a large military
vehicle to drive out to Chastain, remove her from the water, and take her to be treated by Washington County EMS.

Kentucky 11 Air Ambulance transported Chastain to University of Louisville Hospital to be treated for severe hypothermia.

Smith was treated on scene by Washington County EMS and refused any further treatment.

Agencies involved included Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana Conservation, Monroe Township Fire Department, Jefferson Township Fire Department, Driftwood Township Fire Department (Jackson County), Washington County EMS, Kentucky 11 Air Ambulance