The Evansville District All Crimes Policing (A.C.P.) squad seized over 8 pounds of pot and almost 1.5 pounds of Meth in 2018.

The ACP aggressively focuses on criminal activity and apprehending suspects involved in illegal activity.

The A.C.P. squad consists of five troopers, a K-9 and their supervising sergeant. Evansville District Commander Lieutenant Brian Bailey created this special squad three years ago to conduct criminal patrols for drug activity and other crimes throughout the district.

They work closely with the Indiana State Police Drug Enforcement Section, Indiana State Parole and local law enforcement agencies on drug investigations.

The squad also assists other agencies with tracking down and apprehending wanted fugitives within the Evansville District.

2018 Activity:

  • Traffic Contacts (Citations and Warnings): 4,331
  • Driving While Intoxicated Arrests: 35
  • Criminal Defendants Arrested: 378
  • Felony Arrests: 285
  • Misdemeanor Arrests: 636

Several other highlights throughout 2018 include:

  • Discovered a high grade marijuana distribution ring in the Princeton and Evansville area, which lead to 20 criminal defendants and the seizure of more than two pounds of marijuana. A shipment of marijuana was being shipped into our area weekly from California. This investigation continues.
  • Seized 649 grams of methamphetamine. (1.49 pounds)
  • Seized 3,772 grams of marijuana. (8.3 pounds)
  • Seized heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, K2 and controlled substances.
  • Arrested 8 individuals for dealing narcotics.
  • Recovered two stolen vehicles.
  • Assisted in the arrest of two murder suspects.
  • 10 criminal apprehensions by the K-9 unit, including tracking and numerous building searches.
  • Over 50 school appearances/programs.

The A.C.P. Squad consists of the following troopers:

  • Sergeant Kevin Ellison
  • Trooper Michael Finney and his K-9, Boomer
  • Trooper Ross Rafferty
  • Trooper Hunter Manning
  • Trooper Brent Gramig