Due to lack of information from various sources, there was an error with a story reported on last week regarding fines allegedly owed by Hanson Aggregates.

Due to continued litigation and motions filed by Hanson Aggregates, the potential fines we reported from the DNR Notice of Violation have not been levied against Hanson at this time.

“Your article failed to report that Hanson filed an administrative appeal that challenged the Notice of Violation (NOV) that DNR issued in 2017,” wrote local attorney John Mead, who represents Hanson Aggregates.  “Litigation over the administrative appeal continues. Per the terms of the NOV, the filing of the administrative appeal renders that NOV still and not effective; thus, contrary to the statements in the article, Hanson does not owe $489,000. No such fine has been levied.”

“Hanson will continuously and vigorously defend its interests against the DNR’s NOV, and will otherwise comment no further on this active litigation,” wrote Mead.  

WSLM regrets the error and had no malice in the erroneous reporting from the DNR document.