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On May 20, 2019, a Vevay, Indiana woman was given a lengthy prison sentence as a result of pleading guilty to the crime of Neglect of a Dependent, Causing Death following the death of her two year old son and subsequent investigation by detectives from the Indiana State Police-Versailles Post.

The investigation began on June 18, 2017 when Indiana State Police Detectives were requested to investigate the death of Colton B. Johnson, age 2, who passed away at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 

The investigation by Detective Grant Martin determined that Colton Johnson, who had a medical condition called “short bowel syndrome” was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital by his mother Robyn Johnson, age 40, on June 16, 2017 due to complications resulting from his medical condition. 

After being examined by the medical staff at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Robyn Johnson declined any further medical attention and she checked Colton out of the hospital, contrary to the advice of the medical staff. 

Doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital had determined that Colton had extreme dehydration and a possible blood infection that required hospitalization and further treatment and testing.  Robyn signed an “Against Medical Advice” form and returned to her home in Vevay with Colton. 

Two additional doctors contacted Robyn and urged her to return Colton to the hospital.

In the early morning hours of June 17, 2017, Colton was rushed back to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital after going into cardiac arrest.  Colton was unable to be revived and he passed away.

After an investigation that lasted over a year, Robyn Johnson was charged with Neglect of a Dependent, Causing Death. 

Johnson ultimately pled guilty in the Switzerland County Circuit Court and was given a 25 year sentence.  Johnson was also assessed fines and court costs.